An Ode to Morning, Afternoon, Grocery Shopping, and Bar Hopping Commute

7916608184_0ecfb0087d_bMy recent move to New York City has caused a number of changes in my life. The sudden shock of living on your own and having to provide for yourself is arguably the greatest shift. In my day to day life, I am oh so aware of my reliance on public transit and its ability to transport me to a new world.

I knew that moving here meant giving up my car, and I couldn’t have been more excited. Don’t get me wrong I loved my years with my Prius, but mostly because it was my most sustainable option living in Miami. I dreamed about a day where I wouldn’t have to drive miles to that store or restaurant that I like. I couldn’t wait to skip the morning and afternoon rush hour to and from the office.

I hadn’t even thought about how this would impact my reading life.

Last year I was in a bit of a reading slump, as I have been during many periods in my life and I know many of my friends have been as well. My senior year of college involved studying hard, figuring out what the next step in my life would be, and getting my last fill of all of the wonderful people I got to know at university. So my reading fell by the wayside to make room for what I considered priorities at the time.

Even moving to New York and getting work in my career field of choice (yay!) didn’t catapult me into picking up various novels I had begun over the past year. My new life as a self-reliant adult had me pretty brain busy and I relied mostly on watching television for entertainment rather than reading. Especially after Netflix introduced their offline viewing and I realized I could fit a bite-size sitcom episode into my subway commute.

I finished watching all of Cheers and decided to pick up a book for my subway commute. It began with Dragonriders of Pern by Anne McCaffrey. It fit easily into my purse and because of its size and length I got through it pretty quickly. I started downloading longer form novels onto my Kindle and that really set a course for change. When I started joining a coworker for a quick 30 minute workout during lunch, I realized I could set the font size up and get some more reading in then too. And my trip to the grocery or meeting a friend in the city for drinks? Well my Kindle is already in my purse so might as well read then too. I just couldn’t put down the stories.

That’s one of the things I find about great stories. Even if you haven’t read for months or years, they can really set you back on a good groove of daily reading. Reading so often during those in-between times of my day influenced me to continue those stories at home and revive this blog and my love for book discussion. And just cause I’m reading more doesn’t mean I’m not watching Netflix. I still watch Netflix a ton, but I love indulging in all forms of media so Netflix will never really find its way out of my life. I’ve just found the ways to balance TV, film, books, art, and all the ways I bring outside knowledge to my life.