Half Dozen from Honeybee Doughnuts

Honeybee Doughnuts Review

Half Dozen from Honeybee DoughnutsThere has been an eruption of doughnuteries in Miami; people are just crazy for them. Although Mojo Donuts has been around for years in Broward County, the love has spread recently with the opening of The Salty Donut and various other bakeries carrying their own doughnut specialties. And now one more. Wednesday, May 11th was the grand opening of Honeybee Doughnuts in South Miami and I was beyond excited to find a doughnut shop so close to home.

Just beyond Sunset and on Red Road you’ll find a cute little shop, decorated by a geometric honeycomb design. It’s exactly what you’d want and expect as far as décor goes for a bakery—or in this case a doughnut shop. Like The Salty Donut, Honeybee stays open till they run out of doughnuts.

On opening day, Honeybee Doughnuts greeted us with complimentary tea (which I believe was actually an Arnold Palmer) and strawberry infused water. Every doughnut is priced the same at $2.50. And as far as gourmet doughnuts go, that price seems to be the market average—maybe even slightly under. We got a half dozen ($15), each one vastly different from the other in some ways but not as much in other ways.

The most colorful of the bunch was the Fred Flinstone, topped with real Fruity Pebbles. And the most delicious was probably the strawberry with raspberry syrup topping. But these were just toppings to the doughnut, and didn’t quite feel like they made the doughnut wholly new. The dough of these doughnuts was truly great. Each was soft and maintained great consistency, but they all felt relatively the same.

The different flavor toppings were not all that powerful, making it a step up from Dunkin Donuts but not quite on level with The Salty Donut. I hope that as this business grows, they will introduce more types of doughnuts to their repertoire. Bring out some filled doughnuts or doughnut holes! The real challenge Honeybee Doughnuts will have is in attracting The Salty Donut crowd.

All in all, Honeybee Doughnuts is located in a very convenient location for us—within walking distance and in an area that seems to be growing, introducing cool new stores and restaurants every day. We’ll visit again, but not often enough to gain us five pounds.


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